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Sad poetry in Urdu, also known as Udasi Urdu (sad poetry in Urdu) is a traditional form of poetry in Urdu that originated in Sindh and is popular in the northwestern region of Pakistan. The sorrow expressed in poetry is the expression of a person suffering from a condition of life.

Such as this line:
Something happens that all contacts are cut off.
Veins of the brain, burst in an accident

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Very Sad Poetry In Urdu Image And Text SMS Urdu English (2023)
Sad Poetry in Urdu

کچھ ایسا ھو، کہ سبھی رابطے ہی کٹ جائیں
رگیں دماغ کی،کسی حادثے میں پھٹ جا ئیں

Kuch aisa ho, ke sabhi raabta hi kat jaye
Ragein dimag ki, kisi haadsay Main Phat Jaye.

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