Sad Poetry For Boys in Urdu - Silent Boy Urdu Poetry

The Best 2 Lines Sad Poetry For Boys in Urdu 2024

This is the best Sad poetry for boys. I think this is true because this poetry has very deep feelings for every boy. This poetry expresses his feelings about his beloved.

In this Urdu poetry for boys, we appreciate the exterior Sadness and feelings of boys. This Urdu Poetry for Boys is heart-touching poetry for love in which you will get the Top 2 Lines Sad Poetry For Boys.

Silent Boy Urdu Poetry Images -Picture SMS Copy-Paste Urdu-Roman-Urdu

Here you will find a very list of some emotional sad poetry for boys in Urdu. In this list, you will find some emotional sad lines for boys and girls. Kindly have a look below and enjoy.

Sad Poetry For Boys in Urdu images and SMS Copy-paste - Sadness Mode Boy
Silent Boy Urdu Poetry

 ہر درد سے بڑا درد ہوتا ہے درد جدائی 
اک لمحہ جینے کےلیئے سو بارمرنا پڑتاہے

Har Dard Se Bada Dard hota hai dard Judai
Ek Lamha Jeene Ke liye Subah aur bharna padta hai.

Sad Poetry For Boys in Urdu - Silent Boy Urdu Poetry
Sad Poetry For Boys

مجھ سے ملنے لگے ہو جب سے۔
الجھنیں بڑھنے لگی ہیں تب سے۔

Mujhse milane Lage Ho Jab Se
Uljhan badhane Lagi Hai Tab Se.

Deep Felings Poetry In Urdu For Boys - Around Beech Sad Boy
Deep Feelings in Urdu

تم تو وفاؤں کا سمندر ہوا کرتے تھے 
پھر کس سے سیکھ لیا محبت میں ملاوٹ کرنا

Tum To wafaaon ka samander hua Karte The
FIR Kis Se Sikh liya Mohabbat Mein milawat karna.

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This is one is not just for guys, but for everyone and anyone who feels sad or wants someone to be sorry for them. You can use this as a status or as a picture message, whichever works better for you.
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