Dhoka Munafiqat poetry | Hypocritical poetry in | Urdu Shayari

Munafiqat  Or Dhoka Urdu poetry - Hypocritical poetry in Urdu The poetry of deception and hypocrisy is a kind of future. This poetry reflects the problems of human beings and offers solutions to them in a poetic way. The real pur…

Tanziya Munafiq Poetry 2024 - sharepoetry.live

Tanziya Munafiq Poetry منصوب چراگوں سے ترف دار ہواؤں کے تم لوگ منافق ہو منافق بھی بلا کے۔ Mansoob Chirago se tarafdar Hawaon ke Tum log munafiq Ho munafiq bhi Bla ke. Check out:  Munafiq Log Poetry in Urdu image 2024

BADNASEEBI Poetry in Urdu 2024

Munafiq Poetry اور بدنصیبی دیکھی ہماری جو بھی ملا منافق ملا Aur Badnaseebi Dekhi Hamari Jo Bhi Mila munafiq Mila. Check Out: Munafiqat quotes in Urdu

Hypocrites in Urdu Poetry - 2 Line poetry 2022

Get The Best Hypocrites in Urdu Poetry Image And SMS-Copy Line 2 poetry is a good way to tell people what hypocrisy is, and how bad it is, 2 Line Poetry in Urdu , The poet grieved for the hypocrite who died and called this death…

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