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The Best Sad Girls Poetry in Urdu pic 2023

This post contains the best sad poetry in Urdu and English for girls, sad love poetry, sad Urdu poetry, and sad poetry for women in Urdu. I hope this site will work for those who are looking for sad poetry for girls because there are many quotes of Urdu sadness or references to famous Urdu sad poetry or famous Urdu sadness.

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Sad Girls Poetry in Urdu pic - Now my funeral will come out of your eyes
Sad Girls Poetry

Now my funeral will come out of your eyes,
People will see my dead body in your tears!

اب نکلے گا تیری آنکھوں سے جنازہ میرا
.لوگ تیرے آنسووں میں میری میت دیکھیں گے!

Ab Niklega Teri Aankhon Se janaza Mera
Log Tere Aansuon Mein Meri Maiyat dekhenge.

Sad Poetry for Girls -colorful Butterfly over the mouth girl
Sad Poetry for Girls

And so I did nothing,
Just got worse!

اور تو کچھ نہیں کیا میں نے
.بس اپنی حالت تباہ کر لی ہے

Aur To Kuchh Nahin Kiya Main Nay
Bus Apni Halat Tabah Kar Liye Hai.

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