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The time has come to say goodbye to 2022 and welcome 2023 If you want to send your friends New Year wishes in Urdu then this Urdu Poetry will help you. Here is a collection of some best and most lovely New Year Quotes, Inspirational New Year WhatsApp Statuses, 

Latest New Year Sms, Happy new year SMS Shayari, and Beautiful Happy New Year images collection.

The time has come to take a leap in 2023. Pictures of Urdu Poetry


A welcome new year images poetry is the best poetry if you want to get beautiful poetry in mobile images and special photos. One of your friends or relatives, send this amazing and lovely welcome new year images poetry with lovely festivals greetings to these on WhatsApp To Mobile Images before. Best Urdu Poetry Gift for Anybody.

Welcome New Year 2023 Poetry Images Collection Urdu
New Year Poetry Images

نئے برس میں محبّت نئی کریں گے ہم 
کسی کے ہجر کا یہ آخری مہینہ ہے

Last Month 2023 Year Last Week Urdu Poetry SMS Copy

Nahin Baras Mein Mohabbat Nahin Karenge ham
Kisi ke higar ka  ya Akhri Mahina hai.

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last month of the year Urdu poetry 2021 - Remamber December Girl backgroung
Goodbye December poetry

کیسے رخصت کرو سمبر کو 
واپس آنے میں ایک سال لگتا ہے

2 Line New Year Urdu Poetry Last Month of 2023 Shayari

Kaise rukhsat Karun December ko
Wapas Aane Mein Ek Sal lagta hai.

Urdu Sad Poetry New Year 2023 Image And SMS Copy
New Year 2023 Poetry

کون جانے کہ نئے سال میں تو کس کو پڑھے
تیرا معیار بدلتا ہے نصابوں کی طرح

Urdu Sad Poetry New Year 2023 Image And SMS Copy

Kon Jane Naye Sal mein Tu Kis Ko padhe
Tera Mayar Badalta Hai Nisha Ki Tarah.

Read the New Year's idea of what people think.

New Year's greetings images poetry is the best poetry if you want to get to bedtime and make a lot of changes. So many people born in 1960 are now 52 years old. 

Now, he is entering the 53rd year of his life and he is asking himself how long he will live and what will happen to him after his death. Many such thoughts will circulate in your mind, but that is what pleases Allah. Thanks for reading

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