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What is sadness and why does it happen?

Sadness is a feeling. It can be triggered by a physical event or an emotional one. Sadness is ubiquitous in human experience and pervades all cultures across the globe. Sadness is a human emotion we all experience, and it helps us identify our humanity and feel more connected to one another when we do not feel that way. 

Sad emotion is universal and can be felt easily by anyone because of its commonality and relevance to most people’s daily lives-such as feeling sadness over the loss of a loved one, trauma associated with the death of someone close to us, or the despair we feel when dealing with unfair circumstances. 

On the other hand, the feeling of sadness can contribute to an overall pessimistic view of the world, which often leads to increased loneliness and isolation in people who suffer from it. And despite its apparent negativity, in many cases, we are able to find relief through sadness, even if just for a short time.

Sad Zindagi Poetry In Urdu-Copy SMS Text

Sad Poetry - Girl Sad Mode dark - Sad poetry Urdu Picture - Lonely Girl Poetry Background 2024
Sad Poetry In Urdu

Life is a mirror
We will see it in disgust
You will get bored
I will see you smiling
So the smiles will go away.


 زندگی ایک آئینہ ہے
 اسے بیزار ہو کر دیکھیں گے
 تو بیزار ہوتے جائیں گے
 مسکراتے ہوئے دیکھیں گے
 تو مسکراتے چلے جائیں گے

Zindagi Ek Aaina hai
Ise Beazar ho kar dekhenge
Tu beazar Hote jaenge
Muskurate Hue dekhenge
To muskurate Chale Jaenge.

  Is Basti Mein Kaun Hamare Aansu - Sad Poetry 2024

Girl On beech Walking Sad-Sad Shayari On Sad - Poetry background lonely girl on the beach ture
Alone Sad Poetry Image

Who will wipe our tears in this town?
What you get seems to get wet.

 اس بستی میں کون ہمارے آنسوپونچھے گا
 جو ملتا ہے اس کا دامن بھیگا لگتا ہے

Is Basti Mein Kaun Hamare Aansu puchega
Jo Milta Hai Uska Daman Bheega lagta hai.

Birds Lovers Poetry In Urdu Copy-Message Urdu Eng

Sparo Fly Alone -Sad Poetry About Birds Urdu - Poetry Background The bird stayed in the wind
Sad Poetry About Birds Urdu

Last night I dropped the cut for fuel
The birds loved this old tree.

کل رات جو ایندھن کے لیے کٹ کے گرا ہے
چڑیوں کو بڑا پیار تھا اس بوڑھے شجر سے


Kal raat Jo indhan ke liye kat ke Gira hai
Chidiya ko Bada pyar tha ISI buddhe Shagr se.

Love Story Shayari Urdu Roman-Urdu SMS Copy

Flowers lying on the ground - Sad Poetry In Urdu Pictures - The Background flower of poetry is lying on the ground
Love Store Poetry Urdu

I don't cry, I don't make a loud noise
Not acting in a love story. English.

مجھے رونا نہیں آواز بھی بھاری نہیں کرنی
محبت کی کہانی میں اداکاری نہیں کرنی

Mujhe Rona nahin Awaaz Bhe Bhari Nahin Karni
Mohabbat Ki Kahani Mein Ada Kari Nahin Karni.

Best Sad Poetry SMS In Urdu-English 2024

Poor to the king- Sad Urdu Poetry Image - A laborer pulling a wheelbarrow
Very Sad Poetry in Urdu Download Image

Tell that story to Mohsin
The king became a laborer in love.

 محسن کو کہنا وہ کہانی تو سنائے ہم کو
 وہ بادشاہ جو عشق میں مزدور ہو گیا

Masan ko Kahana vah Kahani to sunaeye Humko
Wo Badshah Jo Ishq Mein mazdur Ho Gaya.

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