Sad Poetry Status For Whatsapp in urdu

The Best Sad Poetry Status For WhatsApp in Urdu 2024

Urdu Sad Poetry, Sad Shayari images are among the most popular ways to share feelings poetry, and other pieces of writing. If you have been unable to find the right poetry. 

Read on. We will tell you a little bit more about poetry. Poetry can be a timeless expression of love and personal emotion and Sharing poetry is therefore one of the best ways to share your heart with someone else. 

Therefore remember the fact that nothing can replace personal sentiment, but there are some great words of love and sadness in this post for WhatsApp. You may use them as your personal message or even as a Whatsapp chat.

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2 lines Sad Poetry Status For WhatsApp in Urdu

Sad Shayari In Urdu Sadness Messages Copy-paste 2022
Sad Status in Urdu

 استخارہ کہتا ہے اس سے کنارہ کر لوں
 مگر دل کہتا ہے استخارہ دوبارہکرلوں

Istakhara Kehta Hai Is Se Kinara kar lo
Magar Dil Kehta Hai istikhara Dobara kar lo.

Status In Roman Urdu SMS Copy-paste ClipBoard
Sad Poetry Status

 ابھی بھی عادتوں میں شامل ہے
 تیری گلی سے ہو کرگھر جانا

Abhi bhi  aadatan Mein Shamil Hai
Teri Gali Se hokar Ghar Jana.


Love And Sad Whatsapp Message Copy&Paste 2022
Urdu Poetry in Urdu

 یہ کوئی اور تعلق ہوگا 
تھی محبت تو مر گئی کیسے

Yah Koi Aur taluq Hoga
Thi Mohabbat mar gai Kaise.

Urdu Shayari SMS Roman-Urdu Copy paste And images 2022
Whatsapp Status Urdu

 روٹھ جانے کی صدیاں گزر گئیں 
اب نظر انداز کرنے کا زمانہ ہے

Ruth Jane ki sadiyan Gujar gai
Ab najarandaaz karne ka Jamana hai.

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