Romantic Poetry on Hair - Zulf e Yaar Poetry

At this time, we hope that you like our romantic poetry on hair. I am sure that today you feel pain due to love this romantic poetry will help to solve your problems.

The Best Romantic Poetry on Hair - Zulf e Yaar Poetry 2022

It is to appreciate the beauty that we should get hold of romantic poetry about hair so that our hearts will go for such types of beauty. There are numerous reasons why the art of the heart is preferred by many. 

No matter where you go you will find proofs for those who love to adore beauties. One of the major signs of true love is due to devotion and respect; therefore, the creative expression shows these kinds of feelings toward beauty.

2 Lines Hair Poetry In Urdu Image and SMS


Romantic Poetry on Hair - Zulf e Yaar Poetry 2022
Zulf e Yaar Poetry

Jab Yaar Nay Utha Kar Zulfoo Ky Bal bandha
Tab Main Nay Dil Main Lakho Khyal Bandha.

جب یارنے اُٹھا کر زلفوں کے بال باندھے
تب میں نے اپنے دل میں لاکھوں کھیال باندھے

When the lover picked up and tied the locks of hair
Then I made millions of thoughts in my heart.

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