Hypocrites in Urdu Poetry - 2 Line poetry 2022

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Line 2 poetry is a good way to tell people what hypocrisy is, and how bad it is, 2 Line Poetry in Urdu, The poet grieved for the hypocrite who died and called this death a boon for the religion of mankind. The second form of hypocrisy is the hypocrisy of behavior. 

Hypocrisy happens when we pose to be something that we are not, like a brave person posing as a coward, or blushing in fear when there is nothing to blush about. It was Ibn Arabi who said that creating two personalities can happen only when people cannot act on their emotions about things and therefore at least pretend to act upon them for others.

Hypocrites in Urdu and English Poetry Picture 

Hypocrites in Urdu Poetry - 2 Line poetry 2022
Hypocrites in Urdu

Yaha Hoshyari Sa Kam Leya karo
Keyon-Ky Zamana Munafqo Ka Ha.

یہاں ہوشیاری سے کام لیا کرو
کیونکہ یہ زمانہ منافقوں کا ہے

Be careful here.
Because this is the age of hypocrites.

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