Tumhari Duniya Main Hum Jase Hazaron Ho Gay

Tumhari Duniya: Urdu Sad Poetry is the evocative expression of complicated feelings, in which natural, humanistic emotions take center stage. Poetry can be defined as a literary form consisting of unstressed rhythmic lyrics poetry. It expresses emotions that are not expressed in Direct.

2 Lines Sadness Shayari Image and SMS Copy 2022

Sad Poetry In Urdu 2022
Sad Poetry

تمہاری دنیامیں ہم جیسے ہزاروں ہونگے
مگر ہماری دنیا میں تم سا کوئی بھی نہیں ہے


Tumhari Duniya Main Hum Jase Hazaron Ho Gay
Magar Hamari Duniya Main Tum Sa Koi Bhe Nahin Hai...

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