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For every relationship, there are many situations for which you need to search for heart-touching love Shayari 4 lines in Urdu. The hard part is finding them on time. In times like these, you may have wished that someone else had put together a list of the best pick of heart-touching love poetry in Urdu so that you didn't have to search through the millions of pages of poetry just to find the ones.

This is a website that provides the best and most popular Urdu Shayari to its users. People love to share these lines on social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp, So we go Reading here.

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Heart Touching Urdu Shayari 4 Line - Sad girl photo
Heart Touching


Khna ab Kisi Sorat Niklny Wali Nahi
Laho Tari Zarorat Niklna Wali Nahi
To Phir Ya Rabt Hi Kayo Kar-Munafqat Wala
Agr Diloo Say Qadara Niklna Wali Nahi.

کہنا اب کسی صورت نکلنے والی نہیں
لہوسےتیری ضرورت نکلنے والی نہیں
توپھر یہ ربط ہی کیوں کرمنافقت والی
اگر دلوں سے کدورت نکلنے والی نہیں

Saying no is not going to happen now
Blood, you don't need it
Then why this link is so hypocritical
If there is no bitterness in the heart.

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