Islamic Quotes in urdu 2 lines - Jummah Mubarak 2024

The Best Islamic Quotes in Urdu 2 lines 2024 for Whatsapp Status

There are many Islamic quotes in the Urdu language. You can find the meaning of these quotes in English so that you can understand the true meaning of these Islamic Quotes in Urdu. The main reason behind the popularity of these Islamic quotes is that they draw attention to good things in life motivate people to do good deeds and give emphasis on achieving good goals.

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2 Lines Urdu Quotes Status Images And SMS Urdu English Translated

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islamic quotes in urdu 2 lines 2024 image sms copy-Love the Creator
Love the Creator

Love the Creator
Creatures are not worthy of fidelity.

خالق سے دل لگاؤ 
مخلوق وفا کے لائق نہیں

Khaliq Se Dil lagao 
Makhlooq Wafa Ke Kabil Nahin.

islamic quotes in urdu 2 lines 2024 - (English Translated)
peace of mind

The last place to find peace of mind,
Remembrance of God.

سکون قلب کی تلاش کا اخری مقام ،
ذکر الٰہی ہے

Sakoon e Qalb Ki Talash ka akhri makaam,
Zikar e Ilahe hay.

islamic status for whatsapp in urdu 2024
Dua Status

Maybe that's what you're crying for
That is just a prayer away from you.

ہو سکتا ہے جس چیز کے لیے تم روتے ہو 
وہ بس تم سے ایک دعا دور ہو۔

Ho Sakta Hai Jis Cheez Kay Liye Tum Roty Ho 
Woh Bas Tum Sey Aik Dua Door Ho.


islamic quotes in urdu one line 2024
Islamic Quotes

If thinking is beautiful, then Allah Almighty also changes destinies.

سوچ اگر خوبصورت ہو تہ اللہ تعالی تقدیریں بھی بدل دیتا ہے۔

Soch Agar Khoobsuart Ho To ALLAH Taqdaren Bhi Badal Deta Hai.

islamic quotes in urdu 2 lines 2024 - (English Translated)
Namaz Ka Sawal

Read as much as you want, the question 
will be about the first prayer.

جتنا مرضی پڑھ لو سوال تو پہلا نماز کا ہی ہوگا
Jitna Marji Padh lo Sawal to
Pehla Namaz Ka Hi hoga.


best islamic quotes in urdu 2 lines 2024 - (English Translated)
Islamic status

If Allah did not take you there
Where did you want to go
So believe me, it will be better
The place where he will take you as he pleases.

اگر اللہ تمیہں وہاں تک نہیں لے کر گیا 
جہاں تم جانا چاہتے تھے 
تو یقین رکھو بہترہوگی 
وہ جگہ جہاں وہ تمہیں اپنی مرضی سے لے جائے گا۔

Agr ALLAH Tumhe Wahan Tak Nahi Lay Kar Gya 
Jahan Tum Jana Chahte Thy 
To Yaqeen Rakho Behtar Hogi 
Woh Jagah Jahan Woh Tunhe Apni Marzi Sey Lay Jayega.

islamic quotes in urdu 2 lines 2024 - (English Translated)
Status Quote

Life is full of wounds
The only cure for these wounds is prostration.

زندگی جن زخموں سے بھری پڑی ہے 
ان زخموں کا علاج صرف سجدے میں موجود ہے۔

Zindagi Jin Zakhmo Sey Bhari Parri Hai 
Un Zakhmo Ka Ilaaj Sirf Sajday Mein Maujood Hai.

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