Attitude Poetry About Career in Urdu

The Best Attitude Poetry About Career in Urdu 2023

Attitude poetry About Career in Urdu is a word that is pretty much used by everyone. We all have good and bad attitudes and we encounter people who have attitudes toward us regularly. The real question is that how do we know the attitude of someone? Is there any way to understand the real persona of a person just based on his or her attitude? Yes, there are a few signs; you can learn them by reading this post and taking a look at the Attitude Poetry in Urdu as well. 

2 Lines Attitude Shayari In Urdu About Career Success

2 Lines Attitude Shayari In Urdu About Career Success
Attitude Poetry

Zeyada Kuch Nahin bus Har Wo Awaaz Dbani hai 
Jo Kahate Hain Tujhse Nahin hoga.

زیادہ کُچھ نہیں بس ہر و آواز دبانی ہے۔
جو کہتے ہیں تجھے نہیں ہوگا

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