50+ Latest Attitude Captions For Instagram - 2 Lines Attitude Poetry

The Best Latest Attitude Status in Urdu And English Images- SMS Copy-Paste

This is a collection of more than two lines of the best Whatsapp Facebook Attitude status and quotes in Urdu And English language. Many people are searching for the best and heart-touching two-line messages/statuses for their WhatsApp. This collection contains the most beautiful two-line attitude status for WhatsApp in Urdu.

No one can be completely happy or completely sad, sad means they have left something behind and happy that they have got something. So stay happy. Be human so always, Give some moments to yourself, do what you love, and believe in yourself and you’ll be fine. NOTE: Attitude poetry does not mean that you fall into bullying.

2 Lines Attitude Poetry In Urdu & English Hindi Images SMS 2024

In this post, you share here 2 lines of attitude status for WhatsApp.In Hindi and in Urdu. These are very short and the best free WhatsApp attitude statuses for WhatsApp. These top Two lines of attitudes for WhatsApp poetry try to read those who are basic and cool people.

Latest Attitude status in urdu - 2024 | 2 line Attitude poetry in Roman-urdu
Whatsapp Status in Urdu

کام ایسا کرو کہ نام ہو جائے، ورنہ نام ایسا کرو کہ نام لیتے ہی کام ہو جائے

Work to make a name for yourself,
Otherwise, make the name such that it works don as soon as you take the name:-

Latest Attitude status in urdu - 2024 images
Best Urdu Shayari Images SMS

انسان دوست بنے، دشمن بنے مگر کبھی کسی کا چمچہ نہ بنے

Be a human friend, be an enemy, but never be anyone's spoon:-

attitude poetry in urdu 2 lines sms copy paste
Roman-Urdu Attitude Poetry

شرافت کی کتاب میں ہمیں آج بھی کھلنایک کہتے ہیں

In the book of nobility, we are still called villains:-

attitude poetry in urdu text copy paste
Attitude Position Urdu English

اوقات نہیں دشمن کی آنکھ سے آنکھ ملانے کی اور بات کرتے ہیں ہمیں مٹانے کی

There is no position to meet the eye of the enemy and talk of destroying us:-

badmashi poetry in urdu 2 lines - mobole phone status
Attitude Sayings

اولڈ سینگ : 'جب جاگو تب سویرا'. نیو سینگ 'جب جاگو تب آن لائن

Old Sayings: 'When you wake up, it's early. New Sayings 'when awake then online:-

girls attitude status in urdu images and sms copy-paste
2 Lines Shayari Images

زندگی کو اتنا سستا بھی مت بناؤ، کہ دو کوری کے لوگ کھیل کر چلے جائیں

Don't make life so cheap, that the bad guys will deceive you and leave:-


2 lines attitude shayari on eyes in urdu - dangures boys
Boys Attitude Poetry

اپنی مرضی کا مالک ہوں، تم حسین ہو تو بھاڑ میں جاؤ

I am the master of my own will, if you are beautiful then go to hell:-

attitude status on eyes in hindi for girl
Urdu Poetry Images

ہیرے کے زیوراور ہمارے تیور لوگوں کو بہت مہنگے پڑتے ہیں

Diamond jewelry and our Attitude are very expensive:-

attitude status on mind in hindi for boy
Latest Attitude Shayari 2022

نام اور پہچان بھلے ہی چھوٹی ہو مگر خود کی ہونی چاہیے

Names and identities, no matter how small, must be own:-

2 line Attitude poetry in Roman-urdu
Latest Attitude Status in Urdu

آفت نہیں جو ٹل جاؤں گا، عادت ہوں لگ جاؤں گا

Not a disaster that will be averted
I will make you my habit:-

2 line Attitude poetry in Roman-urdu images Download 2024
best Shayari Status

پیدا تو میں شریف ہوا تھا بس شرافت سے کبھی بنی نہیں اپنی

I was born noble, but I never became noble:-

the best 2 line Attitude poetry in Roman-urdu
Attitude Poetry English

پھر سے محفل میں لوٹ آیا ہوں، انداز ووہی ہے الفاظ نے لایا ہوں

I have returned to the party again, the style is the same, I have brought new words:-

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Latest Attitude status in urdu - 2024 pictures
2 Lines Attitude Poetry

'لوگوں کو رول 'جیو اور جینے دو' ، ہمارا رول 'سو جاؤ اور سونے دو

The role of people is 'live and let live', our role is 'sleep and let sleep':-

Latest Attitude status in urdu - 2024 urdu shayari
Best Attutude Shayari

جب تک کوئی آپ سے جلنے والا نہ ہو خوش ہونے کا مزا نہیں آتا

There is no happiness in being happy unless someone is jealous of you:-

Latest Attitude status in urdu - 2024 download
Attitude Status

ہم دنیا پہ نہیں لوگوں کے دلوں پی راج کرتے ہیں

We have come to rule the hearts of the people, not the world.:-

End Of Attitude Poetry Post:

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