The Best Depest Sad Poetry in Urdu 2024

The best Sad Poetry In Urdu image SMS 2024

Sad poetry in the Urdu language can bring the whole society back to those worth days of their life when they were full of hope, happiness, and energy. When we did not have the real meaning of life in our hands, we believed that once we grew up our problems would end soon, but now when you are grown up you start knowing how are you wrong and what you have done for this world?

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The Sad Poetry In Urdu 2024
The Sad Poetry In Urdu

پھولوں کے ساتھ اس لیے کانٹے لگے ہیں دوست 
پھولوں پے ہاتھ سوچ کے ڈالا کرے کوئی

Pholo Ky Sath is leya Kanta LKagy Hain Dost
Pholo Pay hath Soch Ky dala kary koi.!


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Sad Urdu Poetry

وہم سا لاحق ہے
وہ بھی مجھ بن اداس ہوگا

Wahm Sa La haq Hai
Wo Bhi Mujh Bin Udass hoja.

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Sad Poetry 2024

یوں یاد آتے ہو تم مجھے
جیسے کسی اور کو ہم جانتے ہی نہیں

Youn Yaad Ata Ho Tum Mujha
jaysa kisii Or Ko hum janta Hi nahi.

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