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The Best Very Sad Quotes In Urdu 2024 - Sadness thoughts

The thoughts of sadness are always in the hearts of those who are Sad Quotes. The people who become suddenly lonely, sad, and disappointed when they lose a family member or something dear to them will start feeling this sadness

In Urdu poetry, these feelings are also described in many ways, Quotes Urdu Sad will be a subject of discussion on these lines. There will be some very sad quotes in Urdu 2023 published throughout the day and evening.

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Very Sad Quotes In Urdu 2024 - Download Sayings Images free
Very Sad Quotes In Urdu

زندگی کسی نہ کسی مقام پہ
ہر کسی کیلئے تلخ ہوتی ہے

Zindagi Kisi Na Kisi Muqaam Pea
Har Kisi Ke Liye Talkh Hoti Hai.



Very Sad Quotes In Urdu 2024 - Life Sadness urdu
Very Sad Quotes

کوئی مر جائے تو صبر آجاتا ہے
بچھڑ جائے تو کیوں نہیں آتا

Koi MarJaye Toh Sabar Ajata Hai
Bichar Jaye Toh Kyu Nahi Ata.

Very Sad Quotes About Life In Urdu
Very In Urdu Sad Quotes 2024

اتنے خاموش ہونگے ہم
کہ چیخ اٹھو گے تم

Itnay Khamoosh Hugy Hum
Ky Cheekh Uthogy Tum.

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Very sad quotes in Urdu reflect your feelings and make you think about life. All the words of these quotes will touch the hearts of people. I hope that you liked this article as much as I liked making it for you.
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