Zindagi ki Achi Batain in Urdu Image And SMS 2024

Zindagi ki Achi Batain in Urdu Image - Urdu Saying

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Best Saying About Life in Urdu Image And Text SMS Copy

zindagi ki achi batain in urdu Image And SMS - Gold - Soil- Bread- Islam
Zindagi ki Achi Batain

سونا نرم ہو تو زیور بنتا ہے 
مٹی نرم ہو تو کھیت بنتی ہے
آٹا نرم ہو تو روٹی بنتی ہے
اور آدمی کا دل نرم ہو تو انسان بنتا ہے

Sona Narm Ho To Zawar Banta Hai ,
Matar Narm Ho To Khat Banti Hai ,
Aata Narm Ho To Roti Banti Hai ,
Aur aadami Narm Ho to Insan Banta Hai.

When gold is soft, it becomes an ornament
When the soil is soft, it becomes a field
When the dough is soft, it becomes bread
And if a man's heart is soft, he becomes a Good man.

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