Love Poetry For instagram in Urdu - Love Shayari Copy-Paste

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Impress your friends and family by sharing these 2 Lines of Poetry Images For Social Media in Urdu. These images are so beautiful and poetic that you can share them with everyone on social media like Instagram Story, Facebook Story, or Whatsapp Status. Each of these 2 lines of poetry is so sweet and touching that you will share this love Shayariwith your special one.

The Best 2 Lines Love Poetry For Instagram in Urdu Image And Text SMS

Love Poetry For instagram in Urdu - Love Poetry in Urdu Copy-Paste
Love Poetry in Urdu

 پوچھ لیتےوہ بس مزاج میرا
 کتنا آسان تھا علاج میرا

Love Poetry Text SMS Urdu Copy And Paste

Poch lete  Woh bus Mizaaj Mera
Kitna Aasan tha Elaaj Mera.


Poetry Summary: Love is the union of two souls, heart to heart connection, in this poetry a lover has fallen ill, and he keeps remembering his love at that time, he thinks all day long that my beloved my Talking to me would pass my heart, maybe something, the body gets peace, the mind gets peace Mehboob says to his girlfriend, if you ask me about my condition, maybe I will find peace.
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