Sad Poetry In Urdu Text and Images 2 Lines 2024

Two-Lines Sad Poetry In Urdu 2024

Dive into the depths of emotions with our curated collection of Urdu Sad Shayari for both boys' and girls' hearts in 2024. Let your feelings flow in just two lines, perfect for sharing on Facebook and beyond.

Sad Poetry In Urdu - Sad Poetry In Urdu Text 2 Lines
Sad Poetry In Urdu

خود پہ بیتی تو روتے ہو سسکتے ہو
وہ جو ہم نے کیا، کیا وہ عشق نہیں تھا

Khud Pe Beeti To Rotay Ho Sisaktay Ho
Woh Jo Hum Ne Kiya, Kya Woh Ishq Nahi Tha.

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