Waqt bahut Zalam hai - Best Quotes about life

 Best Quotes about life in Urdu -  Waqt Bahut Zalam hai

Get One line of best Urdu sayings to read poetry to start the day with beautiful sayings that give you full wisdom Whenever you get up early in the morning you should read one more precious saying so that you can't spend all day on it Today's quote is on time. What makes the time a human being? Time is very cruel.

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quotes about life in urdu -  Waqt bahut Jalam hai
Quotes About Life in Urdu

وقت بہت ظالم ہے. تجربہ دے کر معصومیت چھین لیتا ہے

 Waqt bahut Zalam hai  Tagurba da Kar masoomiyat Cheen Late ha.


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