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Read beautiful Urdu sayings based on time-Waqt Quotes Urdu-Download Quotes Images Copy Paste, Time never stays the same, Take the example of time from here Clock hands never stop, they keep moving, Time also passes like this from morning From evening to Night then from Morning to Evening.

Such people maintain relationships as long as they mean something to us. We are still their relatives. After that, no one knows anyone. This is what happens in today's world. Be careful with it, and be sure to share it with your friends.

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Best Advice Quotes in Urdu - Waqat Quotes Images 2023
Waqat Quotes Images

وقت نے ایک ہی چیز سکھائی ہے
ہر تعلق, رشتہ, ناطہ تب تک زندہ ہے
جب تک آپ دوسروں کے معیار
.اور توقعات پر پورا اترتے ہیں

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Waqt Ne Ak hi chiz sikhai hai
Har Taluk, Rishta,  NATA tab tak Zinda Hai
Jab Tak aap Dusron Ka Meyar
Aur Tawqoat Par Pura Utarte Hain

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