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Log Sabhi Acche Hote Hain - Quote Of The Day - Bura Waqt

Read golden sayings every day, golden sayings about life, the world is a test room with a lot of people in the room, some of them are watching you very carefully because you are putting your paper to heart And some people are sitting in this room frustrated because they don't know anything. Nothing is written.

Do you know that there have been many of his sorrowful companions outside this room? All is well, but time will tell.

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bura waqt quotes in urdu 2024
Quote Of The Day-Urdu

 لوگ سبھی اچھے ہوتے ہیں
 بس خدا برا وقت نہ لائے

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Log Sabhi acche Hote Hain
Bus Khuda Bura Waqt na laya.

Read heart-touching Poetry.
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