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Bano Qudsia, the wife of a well-known writer and intellectual, has been fond of the pen since childhood.

Bano Qudsia was in Gurdaspur with her family at the time of the Partition of India but after the announcement, she migrated and reached Pakistan successfully. After coming to Pakistan, Banu Qudsia did her MA in Urdu and she met Ashfaq Ahmed and then married Ashfaq Ahmed which proved to be very helpful. Banu Qudsia and Ashfaq Ahmed kept themselves busy writing after marriage and both wrote many novels.

When the new television came to Pakistan, they both did a great job on it and their services on the radio were unforgettable. 

In her writings, Banu Qudsia clarified the roles, emotions, and feelings of women. He explained what a woman is, and how she should live in society and wrote not only about women but also about men

Banu Qudsia has also explained the ways to avoid the negative effects of society and what are the essentials for living a good life and how to make life pleasant through her writings.

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relationship bano qudsia quotes about love
Relationship Bano Qudsia quotes about love

Banu Qudsia says that it is not possible for anyone to love. It happens to anyone automatically. It is a kind of slavery in which no one is taken care of. Love also enslaves kings.

Copy Bano Qudsia Quote In Urdu & Roman Urdu

محبت اپنی مرضی سے کھلے پنجرے میں طوطے کی طرح بیٹھنے کی صلاحیت ہے 
محبت اِس غلامی کا طوق ہے جو انسان خود اپنے اختیار سے گلے میں ڈالتا ہے

Mohabbat apni Marzi se Khule Pinjre Mein tute ki tarah Baithe Rahane ki Silaiat hai
Mohabbat  is gulami ka Tuk hai Jo Insan Khud Apne Akhtyar Se Gale Mein dalta Hai.

bano qudsia quotes about insaan in urdu
Bano Qudsia quotes about Insaan in Urdu

Banu Qudsia says that what is not in the destiny of a person, what is not obtained, and how much pleasure is obtained by running after it? There is only pain and disgrace. It is better to appreciate what is gained

Best Urdu Quotes Bano Apaa Copy Text SMS

انسان لاحاصل کے پیچھے بھاگ کر کتنی لذّت حاصل کرتا ہے

 Insan La Hasil Ke Piche Bhag kar Kitni lazat Hasil karta hai.

bano qudsia quotes about education
Bano Qudsia quotes about education

Banu Qudsia says that no matter how great you become unless you are guided, you are nothing. It is very important to receive guidance from Allah Almighty and this is the greatest wealth and blessing without guidance. Knowledge is nothing. Therefore, seek guidance along with knowledge.

Bano Qudsia quotes about education Urdu Copy Paste

آپ کتنا ہی علم کیوں نا پڑھ جاؤ۔ آپ کیسے ہی عالم کیوں نا بن جاؤ ۔ لازم نہیں کا ہدایت پا جاؤ۔ یہ اللہ کی عطا ہے جس کے لیے وہ خود انتخاب کرتا ہے ۔ علم کے سچے طالب بن جاؤ اور گر گرا کر دعا کرو شاید یہی پہلی سیٹرھی ہے

Aap kitna hai Elm Kyon Na Padh jao, aap kaise hain Alam Kyon Na Ban jao,
lazim Nahin Ka hadayat pa jao, yella ki aata hai Jiske Liye Wo Khud intkhab karta hai, Elm ke sacche Talab Ban jao aur gir gira kar Dua Karo Shayad Yahi Pahli Sidhi hai,

bano qudsia quotes Shayari quote Sad

Many people say bad things about wedding food. They make mistakes in food that they didn't make well or that they didn't make. They didn't make it that way. It took him centuries to cook. She has worked hard to make this food.

About Life Urdu Quote Bano Qudsia Copy Message

.کبھی بھی شادی کےکھانے کی برائی نہ کرو. بیٹی کے باپ کی پوری امر لگی ہوتی ہے صرف اس ایک وقت کے کھانے کے لئے

kabhi bhi Shaadi Ke khane ki Burai Na Karo, beti ke baap ki puri Umr Lagi hoti hai sirf is Ek Waqt Ke khane ke liye.

bano qudsia quotes life changing in urdu
About Mard Quote

Banu Qudsia writes about disobedient children that man endures all his life, does not give up the path of sustenance, builds a house, sifts the dust of foreigners, and works hard all his life, his offspring finally says that if you do something Well, at least we didn't go down without explaining ourselves first.

Copy Urdu Quote SMS Bano Qudsia 

مرد ساری عمردھکےکھا کر برداشت کرتا ہوا كفالت کی راہ نہیں چھوڑتا
مکان بنواتا ہے ،پردیسوں کی مٹی پھانکتا ہے
آخر میں جوان بچے کہتے ابّا جی
 آپ کوئی ڈھنگ کا کام کر لیتے تو زندگی نہ سنور جاتی

Mard Sari Umar dhakke kha-kar bardasht Karta Howa  kfalat Ki Rah Nahin Chodta Makan banata hai, pradeso Ki Mitti Phankta hai, han ghar mein Jawan bacche Kahate Hain "Aba je"  ap koi dhang ka kam kar lete to zindagi Na sanwar jaati.

bano qudsia quotes life changing
Best Quote Bano Apa

Banu Qudsia has said a very sweet thing here when you grow old, no one values your experience or your words. Nowadays we do not sit next to our elders. We do not listen to their words or their experiences. And when you get older, no one cares much about your words and experiences.

Bano Budsia quotes about life in Urdu copy-paste

جب آپ تجربات سے بھر چکے ہوتے ہَیں تو اِس قدر بوڑھے بھی ہو چکے ہوتے ہَیں کے کوئی بھی آپ کے تجربات کو ملازمت نہیں دیتا

Jab aap Tajurbat se Bhar Chuke Hote Hain, to Is Kadar bhdha bhi ho Chuke Hote Hain Ke koi bhi aapke Tajurbat ko Mulazmat Nahin deta.

best bano qudsia quotes about mard
Urdu Sayings Bano Qudsia

Banu Qudsia says that men are like ducks that are always floating on the water. As women, they do not think deeply about emotions and feelings. They do not go into the depths of emotion.

Sayings In Urdu Bano Qudsia Copy Text Urdu

مرد بظخ کی مانند ہے ہمیشہ اوپر سے پانی میں تیرتا ہے
 اور مچھلی کی طرح نیچلے پانی میں نہیں جا سکتا

Mard Batakh-Duck,  ki mand Hai, Hamesha Upar Se Pani Mein tairta Hai, aur Machhali Ki Tarah niche Pani Mein Nahin Ja Sakta.

bano qudsia quotes about husband
Bano Qudsia

Banu Qudsia says that a man never shows his sorrow. A man's grief cannot be gauged from his face because he hides his pain inside himself while a woman always expresses her pain by shedding tears, making noise, crying, and telling everyone.

Urdu Saying Bano Qudsia Roman Urdu

مرد کے دکھ خاموشی کی کوکھ میں جنَم لیتے ہَیں . اور اندر ہی اندر سَرایَت کرتے جاتے ہَیں . جبکہ عورت کے آنسو ہر طرف شور کرتے ہَیں

Mard ke Dukh Khamoshi ki Kokh Mein Janm Lete Hain,
Aur andar hi andar Sarayt Karte jaty hain, Jab Ke Aurat ke Aansu Har Taraf Shor Karte Hain.

bano qudsia quotes about life images
Bano Qudsia quotes about life

Banu Qudsia says that a person cannot understand another unless he is aware of the other's situation, so unless he stands in his place and looks, he does not understand the whole thing. Unless one is aware of the pain of others without drinking on one's own.

People Urdu Sayings Copy Paste Easy Text

جب تک انسان دوسرے کی جگہ پہ کھڑا نا ہو اسے پُوری بات سمجھ میں نہیں آتی

Jab tak Insan Doosre ki jagah per Khada na ho
use Puri baat samajh mein nahin aati.

bano qudsia quotes dukh
Bano Qudsia quotes Dukh 2022

Banu Qadsiya says that sorrow is something that brings man closer to Allah Almighty. Unless a person is afflicted with pain, he does not submit to Allah Almighty. He does not pray. He does not walk with Allah Almighty. They listen to them and do not reject their prayers, but they say that if Allah Almighty accepts all their prayers, then man becomes ungrateful again. I am delighted.

Bano Qudsia Famous Urdu Akwal e Zreen

اللہ دکھ بھری داستان کو بٹرے دھیان سے سنتا ہے . کچھ غم میٹا بھی دیتا ہے . کچھ الجھنے سلجھا بھی دیتا ہے . لیکن اگر سارے ہی غم سلجھ جائے تو آدمی اور اُس میں بات چیت بند ہو جاتی ہے 

Allah thak Bhari Dastan ko batera Dhyan se Sunta Hai, Kuchh Gam Mita bhi deta hai, lekin Agar Sare  Gam sulgh Jaaye to aadami aur us mein bat chit Band Ho Jaati Hai.

bano qudsia quotes about aurat
Qudsia quotes About aurat

Banu Qudsia says that a woman wants to look young forever. A woman begins to misrepresent her age when her age becomes clear on her face, that is, when she begins to look old, she hides her age. She doesn't want anyone to know her real age.

Best Urdu Quotes About Aurat Bano Qudsia

عورت عمر تب غلط بتانے لگتی ہے
 جب اِس کا چہرہ اسکی سہی عمر بتانے لگے

Aurat umar tab galat batane Lagti Hai,
Jab uska Chehra iski sahi mein batane Lage.

hasad quotes in urdu
Hasad Urdu Quote

Banu Qudsia says that an ungrateful person becomes inferior and becomes jealous of other people. A jealous person is jealous of others and considers himself inferior and inferior.

Copy Bano Qudsia Quotes In Urdu & Roman Urdu

حسد کا جذبہ احساس کمتری سے پیدا ہوتا ہے
 جو شَخْص اپنے آپ كو گھٹیا سمجھتا ہے وہ دوسروں سے جلتا ہے

Hsad Ka Jazba Ehsaas kamtari se Paida Hota Hai,
Jo shaks apne aap ko ghatiya Samajhta Hai vah dusron se Jalta Hai.

bano qudsia quotes Collection
Bano Qudsia quotes Collection

Banu Qudsia says that girls have very delicate temperaments. They never celebrate Eid when they don't get the suit of their choice, but uncles spend their whole lives with an unwanted person. Girls take part in everything for the honor of their families and do not let anyone know how miserable they are.

Girl Quotes Bano Qudsia Urdu Copy

کتنی نازک ہوتی ہے لڑکیاں ، پسند کا سوٹ نہ ملے تو عید نہیں مناتی مگر اک ناپسندیدہ انسان کے ساتھ چُپ چاپ پوری زندگی گزار دیتی ہَیں .

Kitne Nazuk hote hain ladkiyan, Pasand ka suit Na Mile To Eid Nahin manati,  Magar Na pasand Insan ke sath chupchap Puri zindagi Guzar Deti Hai.

mohabbat quotes in urdu bano qudsia
Muhabbat Quote

Banu Qudsia says that love is not sought. This is not a begging thing. Banu Qudsia has described the love sought as spoiled wine which is not good for man.

Bano Qudsia Muhabbat Quotes copy SMS

مانگی ہوئی محبت کا مزہ بگڑی ہوئی شَراب جیسا ہوتا ہے

Mangi Hui Mohabbat Ka Maza Bigdi Hui Sharab Jaisa Hota Hai.

yaad bano qudsia quotes
About Life saying

Banu Qudsia says that whatever you have, be thankful for it and be thankful for it as much as you are getting. He rewards you according to your blessings, so whenever you have a desire, do not be anxious, for Allah knows what to give, when, and how much.

Life Urdu Quotes Copy Text SMS Clipboard

ایک دن تم پیچھے مڑ کر دیکھو گے
 جن چیزوکےلئےتم فکر مند تھے
وہ تو بہت چھوٹی تھیں اور تم براسمجھتے رہے

Ek Din Tum Piche mud kar Dekho Ge
Jin cheezon ke liye Tum Fikar mand the
Wo to bahut Chhoti thi aur tum Bura samajhte Rahe.

bano qudsia quotes about mard
Mard Quotes Bano Qudsia

Banu Qudsia says that a man's love never gives a woman full shade, that is, a woman is very delicate, she is not accustomed to harsh rhetoric and harsh attitudes, and she is exposed to the sun somewhere from a man's attitudes. Give love as well as respect.

Mard Urdu Quotes Copy Paste Urdu & Roman Urdu Bano Qudsia

مرد کی محبت عورت کو کبھی مکمل سایا نہیں دیتی۔
 اس کے رویوں کی دھوپ کہیں نہ کہیں سے عورت پر پڑتی رہتی ہے

Mard Ki Mohabbat Aurat ko Kabhi Mukammal Saya Nahin Deti, Iske  Rawyon ki dhup Kahin na kahin se Aurat par padati rahti hai.

bano qudsia quotations urdu
Mazi Urdu Quotes 

Banu Qudsia says that whatever happened to you in the past should be forgotten and you should live in your own situation because what happened in the past was a lesson in your life, not a lifelong punishment that you have to endure for the rest of your life.

Mazi Bano Qudsia Urdu Quote Images & Text Copy

اپنے آپ کو ماضی کا قیدی نا بناؤ وہ زندگی کا سبق تھا کوئی عمر بھر کی سزا نہیں

Apne aap ko Mazi ka Kadi na bnao, wo Zindagi Ka
Sabaq tha Koi Umra Bhar ki Saza Nahin.

bano qudsia purana quotes
Bano Qudsia Urdu Best Quote

Banu Qudsia says that it is better to live happily in the new days than to remember the failures and worries of the old times because remembering the old times will only waste time and all the existing joys of the new days will be consumed. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

Old Memories Bano Qudsia Quote

پرانے وقتوں كو یاد نہیں کرتے زیادہ ، نئے دنوں میں گھن لگ جاتا ہے

Purane Wakton Ko Yad Nahin Karte zyada,
naya Dinon mein Ghun lag jata.

bano qudsia quotes about life in urdu
Dunya Bano Qudsia Shayari Quote

Banu Qudsia says that man should forget the mistakes and flaws of other people as if these mistakes and flaws are buried. Forgiving each other makes life easier. Banu Qudsia is giving a very good example to live in peace that man should have a big graveyard where he can bury the faults of other people.

Dunya Main Sakoon - Bano Qudsia Quote

اس دنیا میں سکون سے جینے کی ایک ہی تدبیر ہے۔ کہ, ہر انسان کے پاس ایک وسع-و-عریض قبرستان ہو۔ جہا وہ لوگوں کی گلتیاں اور خامیوں کو دفنا آیا کرے 

Is Duniya Mein Sakaun se Jeene Ki Ek Hi tadbeer Hai, ke Har Insan ke pass Ek Wasi Wa Eriz kabrastan Ho, Jahan aur Logon ki galtiyan aur ham eom ko dafn aya Karen۔

mohabbat bano qudsia quotes
Mohabbat Bano Qudsia quotes

"Banu Qudsia," says that sometimes your prayers which are not accepted on time are accepted at the right time after the passage of time and the things that were taken away from you including love come back but you are deprived of all these things. ۔ You go there comes a time when you change yourself and your things, your choice, and your love, You stop running after people, but there comes a time when the people who leave you Are in your footsteps.

About Love Quote Bano Qudsia Copy

کبھی کبھی ایسا ہوتا ہے کے زندگی ہر وہ چیز آپ کو لوٹا رہی ہوتی ہے و کبھی آپ سے چین گئی تھی بشمول ” محبت ” کے لیکن آپ بے نیاز ہو چکے ہوتے ہیں .

Kabhi Kabhi Aisa Hota Hai Ki zindagi Har Wo chez aap ko luta Rahi hoti hai, Jo kabhi aap se chhen Gai thi, Bashamol  "Mohabbat" ki lekin aap bhi naraz ho Chuke Hoty Hain.

bano qudsia sad quotes
Bano Qudsia Urdu Quote

Banu Qudsia says that no one has the right to form a wrong opinion about each other because they do not know how good the other person is on the inside. Don't listen to each other and form misconceptions about other people because the stories you have heard about them may not be the same.

Bano APA Urdu Life Change Quote Copy SMS-Message

کسی کو بھی یہ حق نہیں کے وہ تمہیں جج کرے وہ نہیں جانتا کے تم اپنے اندر سے کیسے حالات سے گزر رہے ہو اِس نے تمھارے متعلق کہانیاں سنی ہیں مگر کبھی وہ محسوس نہیں کیا جو تم اپنے اندر کرتے ہو

Kisi ko bhi Hak Nahin keva Tumhen jug Karen vah Nahin Jaanta ke tum apne Andar Se Kaise Halat se Guzar rahe ho, ismein Tumhare Mutalik kahaniyan Soni hai, kabhi wo mahsos nahin kiya Jo tum apne andar karte ho.

bano qudsia quotes about mard in urdu & english
Fake Love Quotes

Banu Qudsia says that when a man falls in love with a woman, he falls in love with her desires and needs and forgets himself. The man becomes accustomed to lifting the pride of the woman.

Bano Qudsia fake Love Quote Copy In Urdu

جب کبھی کوئی مرد کسی عورت کے عشق میں مبتلا ہوتا ہے تو اِسے اِس عورت کی بھوک میٹانے کا چسکہ پڑ جاتا ہے

Jab Kabhi Koi Mard Kisi Aurat ke Ishq Mein mubtal Hota Hai Tu use is aurat ki Bhookh mitane ka Chaska pad jata hai.

bano qudsia quotes about mard
Urdu Best Saying

Banu Qudsia says that not only men but also some women are very bad. Such women should be given equal punishment before taunting or slandering a man. Some women attract men with their character and some men also have such bad character. Therefore, it is better to punish them both equally.

Bano Qudsia's Best Sayings About Life

اگر مرد ہؤس کا پجاری ہے تو ایسی عورتوں کو بھی توپ کے آگے باندہ کر اڑا دینا چاہیے

Agar Mard hawas Ka Pujari hai To Aisi Aurat ko
bhi taop Aage band kar Uda Dena chahie

bano qudsia quotes about life in urdu pics
Life Changing Quotes

Banu Qudsia says that there is a big difference between speaking and acting on it and this difference often leads to the fermentation of great personalities. Many great personalities are not equal in their words and deeds.

Life Changing Urdu Quotes copy

عام تور پر قول و فعل کے تضاد سے بڑی قد آور شخسیتوں کا خمیر بنا ہوتا ہے .

Ham Taur per  kol wa fal ke tazad Se Badi kad aawar
Shakh shiayto ka khamir banaa Hota Hai.

bano qudsia quotes about love in urdu 2024
Bano Qudsia Quote About Muhabbat

Banu Qudsia says that when love is found, all rights will be fulfilled happily. Without love, the truth will be obtained, just as the dead receive the shroud after death, that is, when a person dies, he does not desire the shroud after that, but it is made for him automatically. It doesn't matter what is being done for it or not

Bano Qudsia Quote About Muhabbat Love

جب محبت ملے گی تو پھر سب حق خوشی سے ادا ہوں گے ، محبت کے بغیر ہر حق ایسے ملے گا جیسے مرنے کے بعد کفن ملتا ہے

Jab Mohabbat Milenge to FIR Sab Haq Khushi Se aida Honge,
Mohabbat ke bagair har Haq aise Milega Jaise marne ke bad kahan Milta Hai.

bano qudsia famous quotes - intkhab 2023
Intkhab Urdu Quote

Banu Qudsia says that sometimes the right choice reduces the length of the right path and leads to the destination faster instead of straying on other routes.

Intkhab Urdu Quote Copy Easy 

کبھی کبھی درست انتخاب راستے کی طوالت کو کم کر دیتا ہے

Kabhi kabhi durst intekhab Raste Ki tawalat ko kam kar deta hai.

Images for insan quotes bano qudsia 2024
Insaan Quote In Urdu

Banu Qasida says that too much desire leads to error. When a person reduces his desires and is only bound by his needs, he does not need to lie because man lies as much as he can to achieve his desires.

Best Bano Qudsia Urdu Quotes In Urdu

جب انسان محدود خواہشوں اورضرورتوں کا پابند ہوتا ہے تو اسے زیادہ جھوٹ بولنے کی ضرورت بھی پیش نہیں آتی

Jab Insan mahdod Khwahish aur zarurto ka paband Hota Hai,
to isase zyada jhooth bolane ki zarurat bhe Pesh nahin aati.

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