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Nextlab - Photo Maker & Art:  Effect is designed to make photo editing easy and fast. You can quickly create cool photos and apply filters that fit your style with an easy-to-use interface. There are 100+ stunning effects and 30+preset themes available, including light leaks, vintage, neon, film, black & white, and many more. The Photo Studio Effect will make your photo look outstanding in just one tap!


The Best Neon Photo effects, Black and White Photo Editor, Remove Backgrounds, Drip Photo Effects, Unlimited Stickers, Blur Photo- DSLR Effect, Preset Photo Filters, Tools App

(Next lab - photo maker art install on play store)

Nextlab - photo maker art install on play store

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emoji stickersWings Effect toolBackground Remove toolPixe lab EffectNeon Effect Toolchoice file png, jpg,  webp, raw

Effects of the App

The Best Neon Photo effects

Neon Effects uses advanced image processing algorithms, which are applied to your photos and converted into neon-style art. It is easy to use and you do not need special skills or previous experience in photo editing. Just install the app on your smartphone, select or drop a picture onto the application and enjoy artistically colored photo effects.

Black and White:

Black and White Photo Editor
Black and White

Black and White Photo Editor is a free Tool, easy-to-use photo editor for everyone who likes to experiment with b&w photography. The app features 10 amazing tools to transform your photos into high-contrast, dramatic images. Each tool has its own settings and can be used separately or combined with other tools. Use the sliders to adjust their intensity and create unique effects.

Black and White Photo is a free photo editor for Android. Take photos on your phone or use existing ones and edit them with filters, frames, or drawing elements. The app also lets you share your photos with other apps installed on your phone allowing you to create collages directly from the photo editor.


Magic Wand Tool (G) is possible to eliminate the background, but it often happens that the area chosen for elimination contains an important detail of the image. To avoid this you can use a simple technique. Select Tools Delete Foreground Color and with a soft brush, it will eliminate not only the color but also the elements that are not wanted. Then simply add a new layer (Layer> New Layer) and with a Soft Brush, with black color on 100% Opacity paint it over so that every detail has been covered by a uniform tone.BG Remove;

Removing the background from your photos is one of the very first steps you will have to do if you want to edit them in Photoshop. This can be a very time-consuming process if you don't know what you are doing, so we created a simple guide to remove backgrounds fast and easily.

  • Photo Drip Effect:

The drip effect from this
The drip effect

The drip effect from this update isn’t to be confused with something like the rain effect, or even the paint effect. It’s more of a creative way to use your own work and add an extra level of creativity. For inspiration, check out the trending page on drips, or the popular drips currently being used by others before creating your own.

Looks like Drip is here to stay! What was once just a fun photo editing experiment is now a wildly popular effect that’s captured the imaginations of many. Now you can use it to transform your own photos into works of art. And what’s more, you can share these masterpieces with your friends and family. That's something that no one else can do, and as such, this effect is guaranteed to capture the attention of all who see it. What's more, Drip has been getting some pretty stellar feedback from users -- it's easy to use, and it's remarkably versatile.


If you are a sticker lover, this is the place to satisfy your needs. The first thing I had to try was the spaceship pack and I really have to say that it really gives me a spaceship feeling thus it's my favorite out of all of them. Now let's say if you're into technology, you may want to check out the stickers such as "Fingerprint Machine". Or if you are a teacher with a passion for traveling and exploring, then you definitely should check out the map stickers and enjoy the wonderful feeling of having a map in your hand.

  • Unlimited Stickers:

Unlimited Stickers is the best sticker app that includes a variety of categories, endless search options, and many more stickers. The app will not be limited to existing content and can be customized. With this app, you can add stickers to your photo locally or on cloud platforms such as Google Photos, Facebook, and WhatsApp. The app will include the most requested features and many more in future updates.

  • Blur photo Effect Tool:

The blur photo effect can be created in two ways, either by using the masking or layering methods. This blur photo effect is free and easy to use.

Magic Wand Tool and blur
blur & Magic Wand

The blur effect is the most popular and common effect in photography. To create a DSLR blur effect on any image, we need first to make sure our lens is out of autofocus. In the image you can see clearly we have a focused lens just above the ear. Make sure your subject (or the object) is far away from the brushes/brushes used to produce the blur effect.

Well, now you have a better idea of how to create blur photos using Photoshop. I hope you will be able to create some cool wallpaper for Christmas or any other event that can apply this process.


It is a great and innovative tool to apply preset filters to photos. You don't need tens of tools or skills to make your photos impressive and at the same time, you don't need hundreds of dollars to buy expensive photo filter Software.

Here we have so many options for each kind of preset photo effect.

Wings Effect Tool
Wings Effect Tool

By no means did we cover everything there is to know about Nextlab Photo Maker. However, we hope that this article has given you an understanding of what preset filters are and how they can be useful when using Nextlab Photo Maker tools. One other thing you can do with these same filters is used them to create your own preset. By copying and pasting a filter, you can save it in your "My Presets" folder as a new preset you can use for future projects.

Next lab - photo Maker art app Tutorial Video

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