Hazrat imam Hussain Quotes in urdu 10 Muharram 2023

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Imam Hussain Quotes In Urdu 10 Muharram, Imam Hussain Quotes In Urdu 10 Muharram 2023, There are a lot of stories and quotes related to Imam Hussain in Urdu. People read these stories on Ashura to pay their tribute to him and his followers. 

People usually use these quotes in their speeches during the Muharram celebrations, and in sermons by their religious leaders, and some people just read or recite these quotes to share Imam Hussain's message with others.

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Imam Hussain Quotes In Urdu 10 Muharram 2022
Imam Hussain Quotes In Urdu

Imam Hussain, Who sacrificed everything for the sake of justice, is the greatest man to have walked on this planet. As we reflect on his trial and his triumph, we must also remember that injustice and oppression have not disappeared from the world, and they are something that many people still suffer from in various ways to this day. It is now our turn to act upon his example and his beliefs. 


  • Let us do this by behaving justly towards all people, whether they be close to us or not.
  • Let us be charitable to all people regardless of who they are or where they are from.
  • Let us strive to protect the rights and freedoms of everyone around us.
and let us not rest until we have done all that we can to ensure a just world for every single human being on this planet.

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