Allah Hai Na - islamic One Line Quote Urdu 2024

The belief and faith of Muslims are that God is one and that Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.A.W) (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is the last prophet. Islam is the religion of humans and humanity. There is no creator god except Allah, He is One, Great, Merciful, and Generous, and He shows the straight path.

As the whole world knows, floods have wreaked havoc in Pakistan, request you all to pray for these people. If possible, you should help them, these people have nothing left, property, livestock, food, drink, everything was washed away by the flood.

(May Allah grant us all good deeds, Ameen)

Allah Hai Na - islamic One Line Quote Urdu 2024

اللہ ہے ناں
جوتھامےہوئے ہے
سمبھالے ہوئے ہے

Allah Ha Nah
Jo Thama Hua Hai,
Sambhala Hua Ha.

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