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Muharram is an important month for Muslims, and in Islam, Muharram has some great importance. if you want to read 10 Muharram quotes in Urdu then you can have a look at the below list.

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Muharram is a very important and sacred month of Islam it is so because of the great tragedy of Karbala which happened during this month, this tragedy was so great that it made the Sun and the Moon shed tears out of grief. Muharram is also called 'Sacred Defence month' because on this month the first & greatest war of Muslims was caused. 

Muslims were stopped from the true path, they were stopped from the path of Allah and from Jihad (struggle). The full story of Karbala is narrated in Holy Quran in a very beautiful way.

The following quotes are some interesting quotes from Imam Hussain (Ra), Imam Hussain (Ra) was one of Prophet Muhammad's (SAW) descendants who lived during the 7th Century CE, he is revered by Shi'a Muslims for his martyrdom in the Battle of Karbala.

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10 muharram 2023 quotes in urdu
Muharram Quotes In Urdu

تو نے صداقتوں کا نہ سودا کیا حسینؑ
باطل کے دل میں رہ گئی حسرت خرید کی

Tu Ne Sadaqton Ka Na Saoda Kia Hussain
Batil Ke Dil Mein Reh Gai Hasrat Khreed Ke.


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Muharram images

افضل ہے کل جہاں سے گھرانہ حسین کا
نبیوں کا تاجدار ہے نانا حسین کا
اِک پل کی تھی بس حکومت یزید کی
صدیاں حسین کی ہیں زمانہ حسین کا

Afzal Hai Kul Jahan Se Gharana Hussain Ka,
Nabiyon Ka Tajdaar Hai Nana Hussain Ka,
Aik Pal KI Thi Bass Hakoumat Yazid Ki,
Sadiyaan Hussain Kei Hain Zamana Hussain Ka.


Muharram is an Islamic month that is observed mournfully in the remembrance of Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) and his Ahlul-Bayt's (A.S) sacrifice and suffering caused by their oppressors. Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar

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Muharram Ul Haram

ناز جس پر کائنات کی ہر نماز کو تھا
وہ سجدہ پھر نہ دیکھا گیا حسیںؑ کے بعد

Naz Jis Par Kainat Ki Har Namaz Ko Tha 
Wo Sajda Phir Na Dekha Gya Hussain Ky baad.

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