Wah Jaanta Hi Nahin Dil Ki Ahmiyat - Waseem Barelvi

It is sure that you will like the content if you are a poetry lover and interested in reading Urdu Poetry Images Pictures. Waseem Barelvi is an Urdu poet who created awareness about social issues by writing various poems in the Urdu language. This is Sad poetry by Waseem Barelvi, read it and tell me how is the poetry.

Best Waseem Barelvi Urdu Sad Poetry Image and Text SMS

best urdu sad poetry image and text sms in urdu
Waseem Barelvi

اسے تو توڑنا آتا تھا اس نے توڑ دیا 
وہ جانتا ہی نہیں دل کی اہمیت کیا ہے

Usse to Todna aata tha usne Tod Diya 
Wah Jaanta hi Nahin Dil Ki Ahmiyat kya hai.

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