Zakhmi Dil Bewafa Shayari Urdu 2024

2-Lines Zakhmi Dil Bewafa Shayari Urdu image

Shayari is a message in words. These Shayari in the Urdu language can be written to express our feelings and show our love, but we don't know how to write a Shayari in Urdu without making mistakes. So, here I am sharing 2 lines of the best Zakhmi Dil Bewafa Shayari Urdu for you. Just select the best one for you and make it your Facebook or WhatsApp DP with some beautiful images.

What have you gained by keeping your distance?

zakhmi dil bewafa shayari urdu 2024
Mere Dil Mein

Fasla Rakh Kar Kya Hasil Kar Liya Tumne
Aakhir Rahte to Aaj Bhi Mere Dil Mein Ho.

فاصلے رکھ کر کیا حاصل کرلیا تم نے
آخر رہتے تو آج بھی میرے دل میں ہو

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