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Yaad Poetry In Urdu Image - They are used to express your feeling and love towards someone you love. Love is a strong feeling and when you share your feelings with your true love then it seems like paradise in the whole world. 

The Best Yaad Shayari In Urdu Image

The Best Yaad Shayari In Urdu Best Image 2023
Yaad Poetry in Urdu

Nahin aati to mahinon Tak nahin aati
Magar Jab Yad Aate Hain To Aksar Yad Aate Hain.

نہیں آتی تو یاد ان کی مہینوں تک نہیں آتی
مگر جب یاد آتے ہیں تو اکثر یاد آتے ہیں

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