Very Sad Status Video and Text In Urdu 2024

Sad Status Video and Text In Urdu 2024

Very sad status video Friendship is a very valuable thing that can not be measured by money. In life, there are some friends for whom you do anything, who are the reason for your happiness. 

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However, unfortunately, friendship prices are being devalued day by day. One of the greatest differences between men and women is that women have only two tears to shed; one of them when they lose a friend, and the other when they lose their shadow.

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(It’s not a crime to love again, so do not stop looking for your true love because you will find someone who can make you happier than ever before.)
By looking at this Urdu status, you will get some idea of what your price is.!!!


آپ کی قیمت تب ہوتی ہے
جب آپ کی ظرورت ہوتی ہے

Aap ki kimat tab Hoti Hai
Jab aapki jarurat hoti hai.

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