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The Best Rana Wakeel Anjum's latest collection of Urdu poetry, the poetry of sorrow, Sadness, and Heart touching the poetry of two lines, Rana Wakeel Anjum is a great man, he finds his poetry among the first people. It is a pity that he did not publish a book. He has written many poems Poetry, ghazals, Haryanvi Rachna, and Naat Sharif, I have seen it with my own eyes.

The Best Rana Wakeel Anjum Urdu poetry latest collection

The words are such that once you read them, you can't control your heart. I still don't understand why she didn't publish the book.


I think Rana Wakeel Anjum may have this thought.
These are my dreams and who sells dreams"

I don't know which poet this poem was from, but it is a true poem.
Well nowadays the time has come for social media, people don't pay much attention to books. It's not like people don't like books, books have their place. I think 50% of people like to read books right now.

Rana Wakeel Anjum Poetry Images With Text in Urdu


wa e aflas Mere Phool Se bacche tune-urdu poetry rana wakeel Anjum
Rana wakeel Anjum

 وائے  افلاس میرے پھول سے بچے تو نے
 وقت کی تند پیڑوں سے مسل ڈالے ہیں

wa e aflas Mere Phool Se bacche tune
Waqt ki Tand thparon se musal Dale Hain


Baithi Rahi pados mein Subah Se Sham Tak-poet Rana Wakeel Anjum
Poet Wakeel Anjum

 بیٹھی رہی پڑوس میں صبح سے شام تک
 چولہے پہ گوشت دے کہ بچی غریب کی

Baithi Rahi pados mein Subah Se Sham Tak
chulhe per ghost dekhke bacche Garib ke.


Shayad Khyal dekhne wala Kare Koi-sad poetry wakeel anjum
sad Poetry wakeel Anjum

شاید خیال دیکھنے والا کرے کوئی
 ساحل کو جاگتا رہا اک دور تک

Shayad Khyal dekhne wala Kare Koi
Sahil ko Jahan Karta Raha Ek Hath Dur Tak.


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Koi Nafrat Na Kisi Aur se Dala bhai-wakeel Anjum poetry
Rana wakeel Anjum Shayari in Urdu

 کوئی نفرت نہ کسی اور سے ڈالے بھائی
 اس طرح مجھ کو کلیجے سے لگا لے بھائی
 وقت کی دھوپ میں پاؤں نہیں چلنے دیتا
 چھوٹے بھائی کو جو کاندھوں پر اٹھا لے بھائی

Koi Nafrat Na Kisi Aur se Dala bhai
han Mujhko kaleje Se Laga Le Bhai
Waqt ki Dhoop Mein Paon Nahin  Jalne deta
Chhote bhai ko Jo kandho par Utha Le Bhai

The Best Poetry Rana wakeel Anjum
The Best Poetry Rana wakeel Anjum

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