Motivational Poetry in Urdu 2024

Poetry for Urdu fans is always in a special and fun phase, especially for those who are a little enthusiastic and read Urdu poetry regularly. It brings together a collection of Tehreek-e-Urdu poetry from all over the internet and books on the website, it is well-designed and easy to use. So go ahead and try it.

Get The Best Motivational Poetry in Urdu 2024

Poetry has a profound effect on our minds, and it motivates us to do something in life.
 It is a source of inspiration for us. Some critics are just talking about the negative aspects of poetry, letters, and ideas, but we do not usually realize that it can lead children to success and take us to great heights.


There are always some positive and inspiring things about poets in the Urdu language related to Motivational Poetry. The following article is full of movement poetry in the Urdu language which is easy to understand.

If you think this can be useful in our life, then invite your friends to come here too, so that they too can read good things.

Best Urdu Motivational Poetry Images and Text

Poetry for Urdu fans is always in a special and fun phase
Motivational Poetry

جواڈنے کا شوق رکھتے ہیں
وہ گرنے کا خوف نہیں رکھتے

Jo Udna Ka Shauk rakhte Hain 
Wo Girne ka Khoof Nahin rakhte.


Best Urdu Motivational Poetry Images and Text
Motivational Saying

اگر آپ کو ہم سے مثلا ہے
تو یہ آپ کا مثلا ہے۔!!!

Agar Aap ko Humse koi masla hai 
To Yah Aap ka masla Hai.


Get The Best Motivational Poetry in Urdu 2024
Motivational Urdu Image

 دکھ تب ہوتا ہے 
جب ہماری نیت صاف ہو
اور کوئی ہمیں غلط سمجھے

Dukh tab Hota Hai 
Jab Hamare Niyat saaf ho 
Aur koi Hamen galat samjhe.


Motivational Poetry in Urdu 2022
Motivational Shayari

جادکھا دنیاں کو مجھ کو کیا دکھاتا ہے غرور
تو سندر ہے تو میں تو مگر پیاسہ نہیں

Jadu dikha Duniya Ko Mujhe Kya Dikhta Hai Garoor 
Tu Samandar hai to Magar Main Pyasa Nahin.

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