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Love Poetry has a special place in the hearts of many people, especially in the hearts of girls. There is no doubt that nowadays it has become an art not to complain or scold someone. Poetry has very important in our society and similarly, it has become a source to find desired or loved partner. 
We find poetry as an identity of many poets as they are used to describe their emotions and sorrows and also to produce solutions for these issues.

Poetry For Girl Love Image & Text Copy

Love Poetry For Girl in Urdu - - 2022 poetry
2 line love poetry

میرے اشکوں سے تو اپنا دامن صاف کرو
 اکیلی تڑپتی ہوں اے خدا انصاف کرو

Mere Ashkon Se Tu Apna Daman saaf Kar
Akeli Tadapti Hoon, Aye Khuda, Insaaf kar.

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