Khushi Shayari Two Lines in Urdu 2022

If you love to read some really amazing and thrilling Khushi-Happy, Sad, Love Urdu poetry then we have a very nice collection of Khushi Shayari for you.

Khushi Shayari Two Lines in Urdu Images Collection

Two-line Happy Shayari can be written by a lover to express his or her love for his or her beloved in the form of two-line poetry. There are many ways that one can express the love of their life once they get separated from each other due to certain circumstances. 
These two lines Shayari for him and for her will be the best way to provide romantic feelings towards your loved ones without even saying three words.


The Best 2 Lines Happy-Khushi Poetry in Urdu Images-Text

Khushi Shayari Two Lines in Urdu 2022
Khushi Shayari

Ab To Khushi Ka Gam hai na Gam Ki Khushi Mujhe
Ba-has banaa chuki hai bahut Zindagi Mujhe.


Two-line Happy Shayari can be written by a lover to express
Love Romantic, happy 

Wo Dil Lekar khush hai mujhe yah Khushi Hai
Ke pass unke rahata Hun Main Dur hokar.

Khushi Poetry Two Lines images download
Love Happy Poetry

Main badnaseeb Hoon Mujhko Na De-khushi jitni
Ke mein Khushi ko bhi Lekar Sar aap kar dunga.


2 Lines Urdu Love happy Poetry Images
2 Line Khushi Poetry

Ek Wo Hain ke jinhen apni Khushi le dubi
Ek Ham Hain Kya jinhe Gam ne aubhrna Na Diya.

Love Romantic Shayari In urdu 2022 - Khushi, Happnes
Khushi Poetry

Sunte Hain Khushi bhi hai Zamane Mein Koi chez
Ham dhundhte firte Hain kidhar hai yah kahan hai.


The Best Urdu Khushi Shayari text SMS

Tamam Umar Khushi Ki Talash Mein Guzari
Tamam Umr taraste Rahe Khushi Ke Liye.

Urdu Poetry Text Copy-paste , Urdu Love
Urdu Poetry

Ahbab aapko de raha hun Dhokha
Chehre per Khushi Sja raha hun.

Last Words-Khushi Shayari

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