Best Quotes About Success in Urdu 2024

Quotes About Success: The quotes will surely inspire you and make you think a lot. These quotes can change your life if you start following them. One should lead a balanced lifestyle by following the given advice sincerely. Always keep in mind that if the balance could not be maintained from within, then the external world would be in total chaos for you.

Get The Best Quotes About Success 2024

Best Quotes About Success in Urdu 2024
Quotes About Success

Agar Jitna Mumkin Na ho to haron bhi aise 
ka Dushman bhi jitne Na Paye.

جیت ناممکن ہو تو ہارو بھی ایسے
کہ دشمن بھی جیتنے نہ پائے

If victory is not possible, then defeat 
so that even the enemy cannot win.

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