Sadness and emotion poetry in urdu

The Best Sadness and emotional poetry in Urdu 2022

Sadness is a natural emotion that better or worse, we've all felt. It is sometimes a good thing to feel sad because, in so many ways, it allows us to appreciate happiness more, and gives us a sense of perspective. Sadness can be expressed in various ways such as crying, anger, and reflection. If you are the one feeling very sad, then this collection of breakup poetry- poems can serve as a source of support for you.

Sad Shayari In Urdu Images Download and SMS 2022

sadness and emotion poetry in urdu 2022
Sadness and emotion

اب نہ کُھل پائے گا یہ بند دریچہ دل کا 
تم نے آسان سمجھ رکھا تھا آنا، جانا

Ab Na Khul payaa Ja Dricha Dil Ka
Tumny Asan Samjh raha Tha Ana Jana

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