Khawab Shayari - Khwab Poetry 2 Lines In Urdu 2024

If you are looking for the best Good Night and Dreams Urdu poetry images and photos then you are at the right place. Good night is the best way to wish others in Urdu or the English language.

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These are some images and WhatsApp statuses in Urdu, Shayari, and English, and SMS of Khwab poetry. Human beings have always been attracted to the unknown. The past, the future, the otherworld – call it whatever you want, but their Dreams remain this natural attraction to what we don't know.

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khawab poetry Image, sms in urdu-dreams poetry urdu
Khawab Poetry

Is Ky Jitoo Ko mari Umar Lagy
Is Ky Hansta Rabab Mat Totai
Sari Dunya Kw Agg Lag Jaya
Iski Ankho Ky Khowab mat Totai.

اس کے گیتوں کو میری عمر لگے
اس کے ہنستے رباب مت ٹوٹیں
ساری دنیاں کو آگ لگےجائے
اسکی آنکھوں کے خواب مت ٹوٹیں

His songs, my age
Don't break his laughter
Let the whole world be set on fire
Don't break the dream of his eyes.

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