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The Best Saying - Friends, books, ways, and thoughts 

There are four aspects of life that you need to consider and that is very important.
We have talked in great detail about all four aspects of life. You must read it once and share it with your friends so that they too can read a good thing.

Friends: are the people who were always there when you needed them, who listened to you no matter how crazy your story sounded, who comforted you when you were sad, and always made time for you.

Books: the friends that stuck with you year after year, always willing to tell you something new and exciting, who taught you while looking good on your bookshelf.

Ways: the friends who brought out the best in you, showed you hidden paths where you could shine, and pushed your limits. 

thoughts: the friends that helped you sort out your feelings and problems, cheered for your successes, and pushed you to be a better person.

Choose your friends wisely
This will make a big difference in your happiness and success.


Friends Sayings Urdu and English copy-paste 2022


Friends, books, ways and thoughts - Urdu Sayings - Deep Sayings in Urdu
Friend book and way

Dost Kitab Rasta aur Soch
Galat ho to Gumrah kar deta hai.

دوست، کتاب، راستہ اور سوچ
غلط ہو تو گمراہ کردیتے ہیں۔

Friends, books, ways, and thoughts
If wrong, they mislead.

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