Dhoka Poetry in Urdu Copy-paste

The Best Dhoka Poetry in Urdu Copy-paste 2022

Dhoka Poetry: Cheating poetry is an intrinsic element of Urdu poetry. It is neither disgusting nor unethical; on the contrary, they are very charming in their own way and we must appreciate that despite this poetry, Urdu has won the title of "the most beautiful language" at international forums, which proves that such poetry doesn't take away the beauty of this language.

Best 2 Line Cheating poetry in Urdu

Dhoka Poetry in Urdu Copy-paste
Dhoka Poetry

Mutmein isliye hun Dhokha khaya Hai Dhokha Diya Nahin

مطمعین اس لئے ہوں
دھوکا کھیا ہے دیا نہیں۔

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