Allah Salamat Rakhe - Very Impressive Poetry in Urdu

In this post, I have shared with you very inspiring poetry in Urdu. You can use these words of wisdom as a motivation to live a better life. You can share these inspiring words on Twitter and Facebook as well as on other social accounts or blogs.

The Best Very Impressive Poetry in Urdu

It is very easy to promote and spread poetry among the people. Because it is poetry that reaches the depths of the heart. It has a lasting effect on the brain. All the people who sit, stand, and lie on the ground, when they hear such poetry, get lost in the world of their thinking. The emotional effect becomes ready to accept.


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Impressive Poetry

اللہ سلامت رکھے ان آنکھوں کو
جن میں آج کل ہم چبھتے ہیں

Allah Salamat Rakhe ine aankhon ko
Jin Mein aajkal Ham chubhte bahut hain.

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