Whatsapp Chat Poetry - Girlfriend Shayari In Urdu

Whatsapp Chat Poetry With Girlfriend

So if you are looking for the best WhatsApp poetry quotes, WhatsApp poetry status in English or Urdu & Hindi to send to your girlfriend you can use the above WhatsApp poetry quotes, WhatsApp poetry images, and WhatsApp poetry SMS.

The Best Whatsapp Status and Chat Poetry In Urdu

Whatsapp Chat Poetry - with Girlfriend annocent boy
Whatsapp Chat Poetry

Do you like making her happy with your words, penned down carefully? Are you constantly thinking of the right messages to express your love? Well, this is exactly the kind of message that makes a girl fall in love. This is not a poetic attempt but real poetry in chat format. Quotations arranged as rhyming couplets show how well you have understood her.


Whatsapp Chat Poetry - Girlfriend
Whatsapp Poetry for boys

Pta nahi Sudhar gia- Bagr Gia
Yah Dil Ab Kisi Say Bahas nahi karta.

پتا نہیں سدھر گیا۔
کہ بگڑگیا
یہ دل اب کسی سے بحث نہیں کرتا۔۔


Whatsapp Status and Chat Poetry - for Girlfriend 2022
Whatsapp Chat urdu

Kabhi Jo Zabtt Tota Mera
Main Tugh Sy Rabta karlo.?

کبھی جو ضبط ٹوٹے میرا، میں تجھ
سے رابطہ کرلوں۔؟

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