Two Lines Sad Poetry Images Sad Shayari

The Best Two Lines Sad Poetry Images Sad Shayari 2022

It is Best unbelievable that the two-line sad poetry images sad Shayari doing fabulous work not only in building relationships but also in creating a bridge of love between two hearts. This Shayari has also been one of the sources to know about your partner's feelings and emotions. Both small lines said with feelings from the core of the heart always attract and impact others especially your partner deeply.

2 Lines Sad Poetry Images Download and Copy-text

Sad poetry is a way to express your mood or feelings in order to attract another person and make them think of you. But, when you read someone else's words, it can connect both of you as one.

Two Lines Sad Poetry Images Sad Shayari 2022 download
Two Lines of Sad Poetry

تجھے اب بھول جانے کا ارادہ کرلیاہے
بھروسا غالباًخود پر زیادہ کرلیا ہے

Tujey ab bhool janay ke irada kar lia hay
Bharosha galban khud per ziadaa kar lia hay.

Two Lines Sad Poetry Images Sad Shayari download
2 Lines Sad Shayari

قدریں جو اپنا مان تھیں، نیلام ہوگئیں
ملبے کے مول بک گئی، تعمیر جو بھی تھی

Qadrain jo apna maan thien neelam ho gyien
Malbaay ke mol bikk gyien Taameer jo bhi thi.

Two Lines Sad Poetry Images Sad Shayari 2022
Images Sad Shayari 2022

میں چوم لیتا ہو ں اس راستے کی خا ک ظفر
جہا ں سے کو ئی بہت بے خبر گزرتا ہے

Main choom laita hon us raastay ki khaak zafar
Jahan se koi bhot be khabarr guzartaa hay.

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