Successful Poetry in urdu images (2023)

The Best Success and Reality Poetry in Urdu 

Success and Reality Urdu poetry is a popular form of Urdu poetry. Many success and reality poems in Urdu have taken the readers to their own backyards and roadsides, drawing their attention to every aspect of nature.

Success and Reality Urdu Poetry Image and SMS 2022

Success and Reality Poetry in Urdu 2022
Success In Urdu

انسان پر جب اچھا وقت آنے لگتا ہے
تو بہت سے رشتے بھی پیدا ہو جاتے
جو بہت پہلے آپکو قبر میں ا تار
چکے ہو تے ہیں۔۔

Insan Pr Jab Acha Waqat Ana lagta hai
to Bohat Say Rishty Bhi Peda Ho Jata hain
Jo Bohat Pahly Apko qabar Main Autar Chukya
 Hota Hain.

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