Sad Poetry - Photo For Sad poetry in urdu 2 lines

The Best Sad Poetry - Photo For Sad poetry in Urdu 2 lines

This post contains sad poetry in Urdu 2 lines of poetry. The poet is also known as a poet or a writer. They may also write stories and novels, plays/scenes, or even have written songs. So scroll below and read some of the best Poetry by Famous Poets on Sad Poetry in Urdu 2 lines.

know that pain can become an inspiration to create beautiful things, and that's why this poetry is perfect. I hope one of this poems-poetry will touch your heart and see you in one of them, if not all of them. They say that the best way to overcome sadness is to write about it, and thanks to poetry it is much easier. Constitution, share this pain, here are 4 poems, which are very rare, these are different poets.

Sad Poetry - Photo For Sad poetry in urdu 2 lines
Sad Poetry

سبھی کہیں مرے غم خوار کے علاوہ بھی
کوئی تو بات کروں یار کے علاوہ بھی


Sabhi Kahin Mere Gam Khowar Ke Elawa Bhi
Koi To Baat Karo Yaar Ke Elawa Bhe.

Very Sad Poetry 2022 - Photo For Sad poetry in urdu 2 lines
Very Sad Poetry

چارہ گر یوں تو بہت ہیں مگر اے جان فرازؔ
جز ترے اور کوئی زخم نہ جانے میرے

Charaghr Yun To Bahut Hai Magar Ae Jaane Faraz
Juztar Aur Koi Zakhm Na Jaane Mere.

Images For Sad poetry in urdu 2 lines 2022
Poetry in Urdu

اب اسکے شہر میں ٹھہریں کہ کوچ کرجائیں
فراز آؤ ستارے سفر کے دیکھتے ہیں

Ab Uske Shahar Mein Thrain Ky Kuchh Kar Jaen
Faraz Aao Sitary Safar Ke Dekhte Hain.


Sad Poetry in urdu 2 lines - Dukhi Shayari Images
Poetry in Urdu 2 lines

فنکار ہے تو ہاتھہ پہ سورج سجا کے لا
بجھتا ہوا دیا نہ مقابل ہوا کے لا

Funkar Hai To Hath Mein Suraj Saja Kela
Bujhta Hua Diya Na Mukabbil Hawa Kela.

I hope you like this sad Shayari. Please do share your favorite sad poetry in Urdu 2 lines in the comment section below.
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