Plato Quotes in Urdu - Aflatoon Inspirational Quotes In Urdu

The Best Plato Quotes in Urdu - Aflatoon Inspirational Quotes

Plato Quotes In Urdu: Plato is the great philosopher of ancient Greece. Plato has an important role in the history of philosophy. If you are interested in and like Plato's quotes, you will love this post. 
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Life is as difficult as you know, so if broken down by today's fearless and future thinkers. If you want to grow up, then read these quotes and apply them in your life. These are motivational quotes and pics with hidden messages.

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Plato Quotes in Urdu - Aflatoon Inspirational Quotes In Urdu
Plato's Quotes in Urdu

خاموشی میں انسان کی سلامتی ہے

Khamoshi Main Insan Ki Slamti hai.

I thank Plato because he was wise and helpful in my life. I love him so much. He was a brilliant, deep, and wise teacher. I always admire his thoughts. He is my great teacher and inspiration in philosophy science and sociologist. I will try to pass his topics to others in the future.


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Aflatoon Inspirational Quotes

انسان ایک ایسا پرندہ ہے، جو بے پَر ہونے کے باوجود پرواز رکھتا ہے

Insan Aik Aisa Prinda hai, jo Ba Pr hony Kay bawajod parwaz rakhta hai.

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Aflatoon Quotes

تاریخ کی نسبت شاعری، حقیقت کے زیادہ قریب ہے

Tarikh Ki Nisbat Shayari, haqikat kay Ziyada Qreeb hai.


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Aflatoon Ki Achi Batain

آج جو مفت کی نصیحت قبول نہیں کرے گا۔
 کل اُسے مہنگے داموں افسوس خریدنا پڑے گا

Aj Jo Muft Ki Nasihat Qbol nahi Kara ja
Kal Wo Usy mahngy damo Afsos Khridna Pda Ja.


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Aflatoon Inspirational Sayings

بدطینت (بد ذات) وہ ہے جو لوگوں کے عیب ظاہر کرے مگر نیکیاں چُھپائے

Bad Tainat (Bad Zat) Wo Hai Jo logoo Kay Aib zahir Kary magr Nakyaan Chupai.

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Aflatoon Inspirational Things

تجربہ ہمارا ایسا دوست ہے، جو ہمیں اُس وقت ملتا ہے جب ہم بہت کچھ کھو چکے ہوتے ہیں

Tajurba Hamara Aisa Dost hai, Joo hamin Us Waqt Milta hai jab Hum Bohat kuch kho Chuky hoty hain.

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