Meaningful Sad Poetry About Life and Love in urdu

The Best Meaningful Sad Poetry About Life and Love in Urdu 2022 Images SMS Copy-Paste

Humans feel emotion. Sadness is the most common emotion.!!! 
There is much sadness in this world, which seems to have reached an all-time high. Death and Other Reasons are at an all-time high, many people commit suicide every day and it has been found that chronic depression has reached an all-time high. 

What is the true source of these problems? 
Is there even a solution for such a problem? 

The answer is Yes, and No. We must look within ourselves to solve these problems, but also we must try to make this world a better place. If we have meaningful poems about life, love, patriotism, and freedom then surely people will develop a motivation towards this world. That is why I am sharing this meaningful sad poetry about life, love, and patriotism in Urdu image.

Deep Meaningful Sad Poetry About Life and Love

The best and most beautiful collection of sad poetry in Urdu with images. You can share or send your love in Hindi/Urdu/English Translated to show your pain. Test your emotions on some sad poetry in Urdu. 

Meaningful Sad Poetry About Life and Love in urdu
Meaningful Poetry Urdu

تیری ناراضگی واجب ہے
میں بھی خود سے خوش نہیں ہوں آج کل

Tari Narazgi Wajab hai
main Bhi Khud Sa Khosh Nahi Ho Aj-kal.

Sad Girl background picture Poetry - Meaningful Sad Poetry About Life and Love in urdu
Meaningful Sad Poetry About Life

اس کو تمنا تھی ہمیں کوئی نہ دیکھے
ہم نے ہو کر تنہا انہیں خوشحال کر دیا

Is Ko Tamana Thi Humain Koi Na Dekhe
Hum Ne Ho Kar Tanha Inhain Khush Hal Kar Diya.

heart touching sad poetry in urdu 2 lines - sadness Poetry 2022 Image
Sadness Poetry 2022

اس محبت والفت کو بھول چکا ہوں
جب سے تمہے کسی اور کے ساتھ دیکھ چکا ہوں

Is Muhobat-o-Ulfat Ko Bhool Chuka Hoon
Jab Se Tumhy Kisi Or Kay Sath Dekh Chuka Hoon.

meaningful poetry about life in urdu - Sad lines In Urdu
Sad lines In Urdu

اپنوں سے کچھ اس طرح عجیب رشتہ رہا
نہ نفرتوں کی وجہ ملی نہ محبتوں کا صلہ ملا

Apno Se Koch Is Tarha Ajeeb Rishta Raha
Na Nafrato Ki Waja Mili Na Muhobbato Ka Silah Mila.

Hopefully, this will be useful for you, it would be great if the poem is meaningful and sad so that he can convey his message to your friend in a meaningful way, for example, to make him realize his mistakes or to tell him about himself. I feel better. Share it with friends۔.!!!
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