Love Poetry Image and SMS (Copy-paste)

The Best  Love Poetry Image and SMS - Kab Nahin Naaz Uthaye

If you want to read good Love poetry in Urdu or any other Category, you can try this Website as it has a variety of love-romantic poetry for everyone. If you really want to read Shayari's great poets, I would recommend them to you.

Love Poetry Image and SMS-Copypaste 2024
Love poetry In Urdu

کب نہیں ناز اُٹھائے ہیں تمہارے میں نے
دیکھو آنچل پے سجاے ہیں ستارے میں نے

Kab Nahin Naaz Uthaye Hain Tumhare Mai Ne
Dekho Aanchal Pe Sajaye Hain Sitare Mai Ne۔

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