Deep Lines in Urdu Poetry - Sad Poetry in Urdu Images-SMS (2022)

The Best Deep Lines in Urdu Poetry - Sad Poetry in Urdu

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Deep Lines in Urdu Poetry 2022
Deep poetry 2022 images Collection

There are many people here in this world who are so sad and emotional that they do not even find a bit of a smile on their faces. They always feel low and sad because of several reasons, if someone dies. It is one of the most difficult things to handle, our whole life can change in just a few minutes.

When I talked to my friends recently, I could find very deep lines in Urdu poetry and that is why I am sharing these lines with you all. So all the sadness can be wiped off and they should start feeling better after reading these lines.

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The Deep Lines in Urdu Poetry - Sad Poetry Images and SMS copy-paste

These are the most beautiful lines ever in Urdu poetry. the Deep lines are like medicine for your soul and heart. Share with ur friends and give them the happiness of being loved by someone.

Deep Lines in Urdu Poetry - Sad Poetry in Urdu Images-SMS
Deep Lines in Urdu

جب بغاوت پہ اترتی ہے میری تنہائی
اس قدر شور مچاتا ہوں کہ چپ رہتا ہوں

Jab Bajawat Py Autrti Hai Mari Tanhai
Is Qadr Shor Mchata Ho ka Chup Rhta Honn.


Dil Hi Is Qadr Toota - Deep Lines

Deep Lines in Urdu Poetry - Sad Poetry in Urdu Images-SMS 2022 images
Sad Poetry in Urdu

دل ہی اس قدر ٹوٹ چکا ہے کہ
مجھے صرف تنہائی اچھی لگتی ہے

Dil Hi Is Qadr Toot Chuka Hai Ky
Mujha Sirf Tanhai Achi Lagti Hai.

Us Ki Khusboh Say Maatar Hay -Alone Shayari

Deep Lines in Urdu Poetry - Sad Poetry in Urdu Images 2022
Alone Shayari In Urdu

اس کی خوشبو سے معطر ہے میری تنہائی
یاد اس کی مجھے تنہا نہیں ہونے دیتی

Us Ki Khusboh Say Maatar Hay mari Tanhai
Yaad Uski Mujha Tanha Nahi Hony dati.


Kon Kahta Hay Mulaqat - Sad Poetry

Deep Lines in Urdu Poetry - Sad Poetry in Urdu Images Download
Dard Poetry in Urdu

کون کہتا ہے ملاقات نہیں ہوتی
روز ملتے ہیں مگر بات نہیں ہوتی

Kon khta Hay Mulaqat Nahi Hoti
Roz Milta hain Magr Batt Nahi Hoti.

Khak Ho Jata Hai-Very Sad Lines

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Best Dard Poetry in Urdu

خاک ہو جاتا ہے انسان
خاک سے بنے انسان کے پیچھے۔

Khak Ho Jata Hai Insan
Khak Say bany Insan Kay Pecha.


Naukri Kar Rahy Ho-John Elia Poetry

Best Poetry in Urdu 2 Lines Deep-Deep Lines in Urdu 2022
Poetry Images-SMS (2022)

نوکری کر رہے ہو مدت سے
تم کوئی کام کیوں نہیں کرتے

Naukri Kar Rahy Ho Mudat Sa 
Tum Koi Kam Keyoo Nahi Karta

Main Kisi Asi Jagha Ki Tlash-Sad Lines Urdu

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Dard Poetry 2 lines

 میں کسی ایسی جگہ کی تلاش میں ہوں
 جہاں گہری تنہائی تو ہو مگر احساس تنہائی نہ ہو

Main Kisi Asi Jagha Ki Tlash Main Ho
Jahan Ghri Tanhai To Ho Magr Ahsas Tanhai Na Ho.


Read Important 10 Short Deep Lines (2022)

These deep lines will give the proper idea that life is very short, don't worry about anything, enjoy your life. Life is a gift from God, don't waste your time on useless stuff for example:- 

  1. Think At Least 2 Times Before Speak 
  2. Don't Make Fun With Other People's Intuition 
  3. Don't Get Hurt In Others Good Heart 
  4. You, Will, Lose Only You If You Do False 
  5. Think About What You Do Before Doing 
  6. Be Honest True 
  7. Don't Be Angry, We All Are One 
  8. Smile While Sleeping 
  9. Never Take Your Life Easy & Your Rival Easily 
  10. Think About The Person Who Hurt You & Smile


I hope the date above for the Deep Urdu Poetry lines has satisfied your quest for meaningful lines. I hope this helps you and imparts some inspiration to you to spread joy with these words!
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