Best Deep & Alone Poetry in Urdu Copy-paste

The Best Deep Alone Poetry in Urdu 2023

Deep & alone Urdu poetry is poetry that explores deep, complex emotions and themes, often in a solitary or introspective manner. It may address feelings of isolation, loneliness, melancholy, or other emotions that arise from being alone or feeling disconnected from others. 

This type of poetry often reflects a sense of introspection or self-examination, as the poet delves into their own thoughts and feelings in a deep and meaningful way. The language and imagery used in deep and alone Urdu poetry can be powerful and evocative, drawing the reader into the poet's inner world and helping them to connect with the emotions and experiences being expressed.

Sad Deep Lines In Urdu Images 2023

Deep Alone Poetry in urdu - Sad poetry images
Deep Alone Poetry

کوئی خاموش زخم لگتی ہے
زندگی ایک نظم لگتی ہے

Koi Khamosh Zakham Lagti hai
Zindagi Aik Nazam Lagti Hai.

Deep Alone Poetry in urdu 2023
Sad Deep Alone Shayari
ہم نے دروازے تک تو دیکھا تھا
پھر نہ جانے گئے کِدھر تنہا

Hum nay darwazy tak tu dekha tha
Phir na janay gaye kidhar tanha.


2 lines Deep Alone Poetry images 2022
Sad Poetry in Urdu

دِن گُزرتا نہیں ہے لوگوں میں
رات ہوتی نہیں بسر تنہا

Din guzarta nahi hai logon main
Raat hoti nahi basar tanha.

Two lines Deep Alone Poetry in urdu Pictures 2022
Two lines Poetry

اپنے سائے سے چونک جاتے ہیں
عمر گزری ہے اس قدر تنہا

Apnay saye say chonk jatay han
Umer guzri ha iss qadar tanha.

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